Halloween joke for my stats students!

As a first-generation college graduate, I highly value the accessibility of learning experiences. When I design courses, I reflect carefully on the learning aims and often connect them with current events most relevant to my students. During class time, I strive to make my students feel seen, encouraged, and inspired to make a difference.

I have lectured The Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (eval score: 4.78/5) and Statistics for Sociologists I (eval score: 4.81/5) at UW-Madison. I have experience teaching online and in person, and working with undergraduate and graduate/professional students.

"I cannot begin to describe how wonderful of a professor Leafia is... (she) was always open to answer questions or elaborate on concepts, no matter how small. By taking her class, I could see how invested she was in everyone’s genuine understanding of the material. I never thought I would say this, but I’m sad to be finishing stats!"

Student feedback, Statistics for Sociologists I (Lecturer)

"I found this course very enlightening to things that I considered normal. I enjoyed Leafia's radiating positivity and excitement towards every aspect of this course. It was a very genuine course thanks to the passion brought by the professor."

Student feedback, Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (Lecturer)

"I loved the PowerPoint slides! Maybe some of the best slides/most put together lectures I have had so far in college."

Student feedback, Statistics for Sociologists I (Lecturer)

"Leafia is a great professor. I am not usually great at math and she made it very easy to understand and keep up with. She had assignments that were very helpful rather than busy work assignments. I would recommend her to other students as well."

Student feedback, Statistics for Sociologists I (Lecturer)